Gjeloshaj: Announces opening of potato chips factory in Tuzi

President of the Municipality of Tuzi, Nik Gjeloshaj, announced the start of construction on a large shopping mall in just a few weeks as well as the opening of a potato chips factory which would offer jobs for around 100 residents.

“Several very important projects in infrastructure have started in the town of Tuzi. The tender procedure for construction of the roads – Dushiq-Vrane, Dushiq-Vllane, Tuzi-Shipcanik, the road to Rakiq and Poprate-Korita – has been completed.”

In addition, they’ve issued several building permits in the area of economy, i.e. small and medium-sized enterprises, which, he says, means that nearly 40 jobs will be opened.

“In several weeks, works related to construction of two business facilities will start in our municipality – an investment in the private sector – and as the culmination of the success of our football team, we’ll start the construction of stands on our stadium.”

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